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Ensuring Your Will is Valid

Question # 1: Do I need a Will? Answer: If you would like to ensure your estate (all money and property in your possession) will be distributed to certain people in a certain way, then yes, you need a Will. […]

Just Added: The New York Times!

You asked and we listened. By popular demand, the Law Library has added a subscription to The New York Times to our daily newspapers! Subscribers can now enjoy copies of The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Cincinnati Enquirer and […]

NuWav: Legal Forms Made Easy

The Clermont County Public Library has added a new resource for legal forms and it is fantastic! For over a year now, CCPL has been the only free source for Gale Legal Forms in the Southwestern Ohio Region (it is […]

Donated Historical Law Books

The Hamilton County Law Library recently received a donation of historical Ohio law books, including several volumes of the Ohio Weekly Bulletin, Ohio Nisi Prius Reports and records from the Cincinnati Superior Court, supplementing our collection with materials contemporaneous to […]