Video Conferencing

The Law Library makes the Hon. Robert S. Kraft Boardroom and McClain Room available for reservation at no cost by subscribers and county officials.  Other people may rent it at a rate of $100/hour, given appropriate uses.  It can accommodate 20 people at tables with regular chairs comfortably and 24 people less comfortably.  Maximum room capacity without tables is 35 people.  The Boardroom is equipped with a conference phone, a ceiling projector, a screen, and sound, and can be used for webinars, videoconferences, and computer presentations.  We offer videoconferencing via a Polycom system, Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams. These systems is especially useful for various court proceedings and for meetings via videoconference with incarcerated clients.


To make a reservation for one of the rooms with video conferencing, please contact the Law Library at 513.946.5300 or via our contact form. We will confirm availability and discuss any technical requirements.

Videoconferences for Court Proceedings

Please contact the Law Library first to reserve the room.  Please provide a technical contact at the participating court or organization so that we can conduct a system test before finalizing arrangements.

Videoconferences with Inmates

To reserve a meeting room for connection with an incarcerated client, please schedule first with the Law Library so staff can conduct a system test.  You must also contact the correctional facility to confirm technical capability on its end.  Library staff does not schedule meetings with the prison.  We recommend the following request, whether by phone or in writing, according to the facility's requirements:

Sample Inmate Video Conference Form

I would like to request a videoconference meeting with my client, an inmate currently held in your institution:

Inmate name:____________________________________

Inmate number: _________________________________

On ______________________________ (day/date), at ______________(am/pm).  I will be connecting from a videoconference-equipped room at the Hamilton County Law Library in the Hamilton County Courthouse, Cincinnati.  The phone number in the room is 513.946.5255 and the Internet address for the Polycom equipment is  I understand that I need to contact the Videoconferencing Administrator at the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (740.845.3100  or 740.845.3111).  This site has run a successful test with the Videoconferencing Administrator.

Hamilton County Law Library systems contact:  Julie Koehne 513.946.5266

Thank you for your assistance.

________________________________________ Attorney at Law

Printed name: __________________________________________