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CLEs currently available for credit.

Hamilton County Municipal Court Update       (original date 9/24/2021)

Hon.  Josh Berkowitz of the Hamilton County Municipal Court will provide an update on pending legislation in the Ohio General Assembly in regard to bail reform and how it would affect practices and procedures in Hamilton County’s courts. Judge Berkowitz will also discuss recent changes in Ohio law regarding expungements and the sealing of criminal records.

1.0 hour of general CLE credit in Ohio

Elder Financial Exploitation & Undue Influence      (original date 6/30/2021)

Sylvia Pla-Raith, Director of Elder Justice Unit —Consumer Protection, Ohio Atorney General’s Office discusses Elder Financial Exploitation & Undue Influence.

1.0 hour of general CLE credit in Ohio

Implicit Bias & the Criminal Justice System  (original date 5/21/2021)

Professor Wendy Calaway, Esq. discusses Implicit Bias & the Criminal Justice System.

1.0 hour of professional conduct CLE credit in Ohio

Boxing Law       (original date 4/23/2021)

Attorney Carl Lewis discusses Boxing Law.

1.0 hour of general CLE credit in  Ohio

What does stress have to do with it? The interplay of stress, ethics, professionalism, and addiction
  (original date 12/11/2020)

Attorneys Tabitha Hochscheid and Patrick Garry discuss the interplay of stress in ethic, professionalism and addiction. The inherently adversarial nature of the practice of law creates an environment where stressed lawyers, clients and judges attempt to solve problems. Stress is both good and bad and is a fact of life. Without mitigating the mental and physical effects of stress, lawyers are prone to unethical, unprofessional and unhealthy behavior. Unchecked stress can create ethical issues, unprofessional behavior and lead to addictive behavior. Learn how to recognize stress in yourself and others. Learn how to communicate with others who are in a stress spiral. Discover the connection between stress, ethics issues and professionalism concerns and out how stress contributes to mental illness and addiction.

2.5 hour of professional conduct CLE credit in Ohio

Recent US Supreme Court Employment Cases    (original date 10/28/2020)

Dr. Ann Marie Johnson, Esq. discusses two recent decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court. Specifically, Professor Johnson will discuss the employment effects of Bostock v Clayton County Georgia, No. 17-1618 on Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 1964 as it relates to the LGBTQ community, and Our Lady of Guadalupe School v. Morrissey-Berru 591 U.S. _____ 2020 and the
ministerial exceptions to Title VII for religious schools.

1.0 hour of general CLE in Ohio

Medicaid Planning     (original date 7/2/2020)

Attorney Ashley Burke, of Burke & Pecquet, LLC, discusses a review of Medicaid eligibility for long term care Medicaid and basic planning options for married couples or single individuals.

1.0 hour of general CLE in Ohio

Elder Abuse Awareness    (original date 6/15/2020)

Reference Librarian Amy L. Kurlansky partners with Attorney Matthew Barnes, of Pro Seniors, Inc., to present information regarding elements of Elder Abuse in order to help us recognize Elder Abuse as well as strategies to help clients who are dealing with abuse issues.

1.0 hour of general CLE in Ohio

Coming Soon!

Nursing Home Litigation      (original date 7/26/2022)

Attorney Miriam Sheline, Managing Attorney and Litigation Director at Pro Seniors, Inc.,  discusses Nursing Home Litigation.

1.0 hour of general CLE credit in Ohio

Introduction to Elder Law Hot Topics      (original date 6/30/2022)

Attorneys Kathryn E. Buerger, William Hesch Law Firm, LLC, and Amy L. Kurlansky, Hamilton County Law Library, provide an Introduction to Elder Law Hot Topics.

1.5 hour of general CLE credit in Ohio

Child Abuse: Learn the Signs of Child Abuse Across Adolescent Groups and How to Act       (original date 4/27/2022)

Attorney Tiffany C. Alston, of Legal Aid Society of Southwest Ohio, will discuss how to identify the signs of child abuse and what you can do.

1.0 hour of general CLE credit in Ohio

Adult Immigrant Integration; Education and Citizenship: Law and Context   (original date 3/16/2022)

Attorney and Educator Mary Joan Reutter will discuss an overview of immigration law, especially that of the last 25 years, and other laws that affect immigrant integration education, with the focus on adults. An appendix of educational issues for adults, including literacy, language learning and acquisition, digital literacy and access, adult learning/lifelong learning, and metrics and assessment will be included.

1.0 hour of general CLE credit in Ohio

Mindfulness for Professionalism & Civility    (original date 12/22/2021)

 Attorney Gary Powell will discuss Mindfulness and how mindful meditation can help with improving your practice of law.

 1.0 hour of professional conduct credit in Ohio

We Don’t Know We Don’t Know: Future Pandemics and Dynamic Decision Taking    (original date 11/29/2021)

Attorney Bradley Hoyt will discuss dynamic decision making, especially as it pertains to (current) and future pandemics.

1.0 hour of general CLE credit in Ohio

Mediation    (original date 9/2/2020)

Attorney Anthony Castelli, discusses Mediation as a tool to efficiently handle cases for your clients.

1.0 hour of general CLE in Ohio

Fastcase 7    (original date 8/28/2020)

Learn about the new Fastcase 7 from Erin Page. 

1.0 hour of general CLE in Ohio