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Happy Constitution Day 2020!

On September 17, 1878, the Constitutional Convention Delegates signed the final draft of the U. S. Constitution.  It was then sent to the states to ratify. Like many of you, I’m pretty sure I had to memorize the Preamble in […]


AMENDMENT XIX The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate […]

Mr. Rogers Teaches Civility

A few weeks ago, I was watching a Professional Conduct CLE on civil behavior. One of the speakers suggested that a great rule of thumb for how lawyers should think about conducting themselves was to keep Mr. Rogers in mind […]

Ohio Civics Essentials

Ohio Civics Essential In Honor of the 4th of July Holiday, if you need a brush up on your Civics, and want to participate in a fun friendly virtual competition, consider Soapbox Media’s Ohio Civics Essentials. Through a strategic impact […]

10 Minute Mentoring YouTube

Hello, Everyone! I hope that you are all feeling healthy and strong in this time of social isolation. If you are looking for a few minutes of professional development (or a break from home-schooling), I have discovered that the CBA […]

Music and the Mind

Tonight and tomorrow, to celebrate the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s 125th anniversary, becoming one of five American Orchestras to reach that milestone, world renowned Soprano, Renee Fleming is joining the CSO for 2 nearly sold out concerts. (I just checked, and […]

Book Review—Felon, Or Why Lawyers Should Read Poetry

On September 26, 2019, the Law Library offered the CLE Poetry for Lawyers, taught by Joseph Tomain, Dean Emeritus and the Wilbert and Helen Ziegler Professor of Law, University of Cincinnati College of Law. During the CLE, Dean Tomain addressed […]

2 minutes of mindfulness

I want to thank the CBA Health & Well Being Committee for this past Friday’s Balanced Living Lecture. As the holiday season approaches, it was incredibly timely for Sian Cotton, PhD, Director of the UC Center for Integrative Health and […]

New resource for Seniors

Pro Seniors, Inc. has received grant funding to create Legal Toolkits for lower income Seniors. Please feel free to checkout these new free resources!