Subscribe to the Law Library
The Hamilton County Law Library is open to the public but has some resources and services that are restricted to elected officials, judges, and library subscribers. Extend the reach of your law practice by becoming a subscriber today and taking advantage of the professional services and extensive collection of the Library. Our short Join the Law Library video gives a great overview of benefits and the subscription process. Visit our application page to subscribe!

Why Subscribe?
The cost of legal research materials continues to skyrocket and your firm needs to be more selective in what it keeps. We have historic copies of statutes and session laws that most firms don’t have space to keep. We have a treatise collection that spans many substantive areas, often with more than one treatise in any given area, providing a level of depth most firms can’t maintain. The benefits are explained in Join the Law Library video.

In addition, Library services can be accessed remotely, so you can take advantage of your subscription without having to visit the Library.

Subscription Categories
The Law Library’s user base is comprised of individuals and firms – including lawyers, doctors, accountants, and others – who wish to gain access to legal materials far more extensive than are affordable in any single firm.

What is the Difference: Individual v. Firm Subscription?
There are three subscription categories, solo, individual, and firm. A solo practitioner may become a subscriber and get full access to all library resources and services. An individual attorney in a firm may become a subscriber with access to all on-site library resources and services but not remote access. A firm subscription entitles every employee of the firm – lawyers, paralegals, administrators – to use the Library and its resources, including remote access. A firm subscription requires all attorneys who are part of the firm to subscribe. Discounts are given to firms with more than 14 attorneys, and the increased cost of a library subscription is offset by substantial savings in using the Library as a complement to your firm’s existing library.

Firm subscriptions (including solos) enable subscribers to get additional benefits beyond those available to the individual subscriber working at a firm that is not a subscriber. See the chart above to compare the difference in benefits between individual and firm subscriptions.

Subscription Year
We begin our subscription year on January 1 each year. Current subscribers are billed at the end of the prior year for annual fees. Any subscribers who have not renewed their subscriptions by March 1 are suspended. Subscribers who join the Law Library outside of the regular subscription renewal period (from December 1 – February 28) will have a subscription year that begins on the date that they subscribe to the law library. Subscriptions are available to the public. Fees are non-refundable.

Annual dues schedule
Firm: 2-14 attorneys$85 per attorney
Firm: 15-29 attorneys$55 per attorney
Firm: 30-69 attorneys$50 per attorney
Firm: 70+ attorneys$45 per attorney


Non-Subscriber Access
If you wish to try out the Library and its services without becoming a subscriber, you are welcome to visit us Monday through Friday, between 8am and 4pm. The Library is open to the public, who may access all print legal research materials and some digital materials here in the Library. To subscribe to the Law Library, visit our application page.