Your Guide to the Courthouse Centennial

Friday, October 18th marks the Centennial of the Hamilton County Courthouse and big celebrations are in the works. Here is your one-stop guide to the grand events planned for that day.

There will be no dockets in the main Courthouse on October 18th. Filings and other transactions normally processed in the Clerk’s Office will be processed in the Justice Center. The Law Library will be closed from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm in order to participate in the Centennial Celebrations. Other departments may also be closed, so make sure any time-sensitive business is taken care of beforehand.

The rear entrance to the Courthouse will be closed to all except employees. Courthouse Attorney ID holders will need to use the main entrance for the entire day.

A breakdown of the festivities:

At 11:30, the Cincinnati legal community and the general public are invited to hear Governor Mike DeWine and Dr. Warren G. Harding III speak on the steps of the Courthouse in an homage to the original Courthouse dedication given by Senator Warren G. Harding in the exact same location 100 years ago.

A rag time band, The River Rats, will provide entertainment, along with a fanfare provided by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Pipe and Drum Corps.

At 12:00, participants will be invited into the Courthouse for a complimentary luncheon (register here). Courthouse staff and those possessing a Courthouse ID will be able to bypass security, so make sure you remember to bring it!

Courthouse staff and County employees will have a bird’s-eye view of the proceedings from the second floor, while VIPs and those in the legal community who have registered will enjoy events on the first floor.

Entertainment during the luncheon will be provided by the Greg Lee Trio and the Courthouse Band. Several honorees will be presented with “Spirit of the Courthouse” awards with speeches and congratulations. A photo booth will be set up for participants and Judge Melba Marsh will offer a tour of the Courthouse.