The news has been coming fast about which courts are closed, which are limiting trials and hearings and which are operating as usual. It’s a little overwhelming and difficult to keep up with. Here’s a rundown of what's current as of April 7, 2020. Follow the link for each court for more information.

New April 7 - Temperature checks will be required of the public and all staff for entry into the Hamilton County Courthouse

New March 30 - The Supreme Court of Ohio issued an order delaying several legal deadlines. Follow this link to find out more.

Hamilton County Courts, Common Pleas, Small Claims and Municipal:

All jury trials in civil and criminal matters are suspended for 30 days.

All civil and criminal matters scheduled before any judge or magistrate in the Court of Common Pleas, General Division or Municipal Court and any associated deadlines are continued at the discretion of the assigned judge for a minimum of 30 days except for the following

Criminal arraignments for incarcerated defendants

Proceedings involving incarcerated defendants at the assigned judge’s discretion

Civil stalking protection orders

Temporary restraining orders and

Search warrants

Motions that can be conducted without oral arguments will go forward as usual and courts will rely more heavily on video conferencing. Contact the courtroom of your assigned judge to check the status of your trial.

Hamilton County Juvenile Court: 

Hearings for cases concerning the safety and well-being of children will continue as normal. These include cases that address shelter, hearings for residents at the Youth Center, medical emergencies, juvenile protection orders and children alleged to be in immediate danger.

All hearings will take place at 800 Broadway and the elderly, immunosuppressed or those exhibinting signs of illness are asked to stay at home. Reasonable accommodations will be made during this time for those unable to attend.

All private delinquency and unruly complaints will be filed at the Clerk’s Office on the first floor of 800 Broadway.

Hamilton County Probate Court:

All scheduled pre-trials will be converted to phone conferences if they still must proceed. Some hearings may proceed, but most hearings that are not strictly necessary will be continued out 45-60 days. The Court will make every effort to contact parties on cases that are being continued. Please check our online docket for specific case information and contact the Court at 513-946-3580 for further instructions on how and when your hearing will be continued.

Unless strictly necessary, new case filings will not be set for hearing until after May 1, 2020. Patrons are encouraged to set up an E-File account and E-File for all of our case types. For your safety and convenience, filings are also accepted by fax and in person, but with limited contact with our employees. Baskets will be set up to receive new filings, accounts, and all other filings and requests. The court will not be providing same-day service on your filings or requests during this period. Please refer to the website for filing fees. Please note that the court can only accept payment by money order, attorney’s check or credit card at this time. Payment by cash is not available until further notice, except in the Marriage License Department.

Before coming to our Mental Health Department to file an affidavit for someone you feel may need to be evaluated or admitted for mental illness, please call UC Mobile Crisis at (513) 584-5098.

Todd B. Portune Center for County Government (138 E Court Street, former Admin Building):

Closed to the public with the following exceptions: Commission Meetings and Rural Zoning Commission meetings

Butler County:

All jury trials have been canceled and as many cases as possible are being moved. Court administration is working to a create video arraignment system. Judges are restricting dockets for essential cases, such as pleas and sentencing.

Clermont County: 

All jury trials scheduled through April 17 have been postponed. People summoned for jury duty during this time should not report to the courthouse. As many pretrial matters as possible in criminal cases – including review hearings and scheduling hearings – will be handled by telephone or videoconferencing, as authorized by the assigned judge.

First District Court of Appeals:

The Court remains open and filing deadlines remain intact, though oral arguments are suspended indefinitely. Any cases with scheduled oral arguments will be rescheduled. The Clerk’s office if open in the Hamilton County Justice Center.

Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals:

Oral arguments scheduled to take place between March 17-20 have been postponed. The Clerk’s Office is functioning normally. The requirement that non-prisoner pro se litigants file exclusively in paper format is temporarily suspended effective this date until April 17, 2020. During this limited time, non-prisoner pro se litigants may e-mail documents in PDF format to the following email box, and those documents will be processed in the normal course:

Supreme Court of Ohio:

Some deadlines have been extended. The building is open only to those who have time-sensitive business with the Court. The Clerk’s Office is open.

Supreme Court of the United States:

Filing deadlines remain intact. The building is open for official business only. Oral Arguments are suspended for the month of March.