Where are all the books going?

If you’ve been in the Law Library recently, you may have noticed an alarming number of empty shelves in the area by the Circulation desk. But never fear! This isn’t some great purge of the printed word to induce much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth in the library community around the world. It’s a shift, a Great Migration if you will, of materials in the Main Room and the State Room to make room for expansion.

As you may have heard, the library will be undergoing some renovations in the coming months. What is currently the State Room will be redesigned to house an all-new subscriber lounge with a state-of-the-art conference room suite. This means that the books currently housed in the State Room need to find a new home. To that end, we are moving several of our Federal Reporters and Supplements from the Main Room to the Text Room so that the materials currently housed in the State Room can be shelved in the Main Room. This process should take a couple of weeks to complete, but all materials will continue to be available to subscribers and the public. Stop by and take a look at our progress and get a tour of the new shelf locations!


Be sure to keep an eye out for more information about our exciting renovation project!