WESTward Expansion

This year the Law Library significantly expanded the materials available to our subscribers through Westlaw. What is included in these new materials? I’m glad you asked…

  • State and Federal cases from all Circuit Courts
  • Codes, Laws, Cases, Forms, Regulations, Statutes, Rules, Dockets, Jury Verdicts and much, much more for all 50 states + D.C. and territories
  • Indiana Materials include all materials listed above plus: Family Law Practice Series, Personal Injury, Procedural Forms
  • Kentucky materials include all materials listed above plus: Baldwin’s Wills & Trusts, DUI Law, Tort Law, Trial Practice, Wrongful Death Actions
  • Extensive Ohio materials including Baldwin’s treatises, OJUR and Settlements
  • Code of Federal Regulation
  • Congressional Bills 104th - 110th Congress
  • Consumer Arbitration
  • International Cases in Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, United Kingdom
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Materials and releases from all Departments of the U.S. Government
  • Eckstrom’s Licensing in Foreign & Domestic Operations
  • Federal Laws covering: Bankruptcy, Civil Rights, Commercial, Education, Energy, Environmental, Finance & Banking, Government, Health, Labor & Employment, Military, Rules and much more
  • Government Contracts
  • Many handbooks, journals and reporters
  • Keyrules for all 50 states
  • Civil and Criminal Appeals, Discovery, Jury Instructions, Handbooks, Forms and Procedures for all 50 states
  • Legislative History Federal & State
  • McKinney’s Forms
  • Procedures, Handbooks, Laws, Regulations, Statutes, Codes, Forms and etc for: Personal Injury, International, IRS, Commercial Law, Bankruptcy, Antitrust, Products Liability, Environmental Law, Family Law, Health Care Law, Employment Law, Construction Law, Business Law, Immigration Law, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Securities, Social Security plus many more.

And this is just skimming the surface! For a full list of content, check out the “My Content” page under the “Tools” tab in West, or just ask a librarian!