WestlawNext will replace Westlaw Classic in January

Westlaw Classic is currently being phased out by Thomson Reuters and will be replaced by WestlawNext at the Hamilton County Law Library in January. We are excited to continue to offer Westlaw services to our subscribers with the same coverage as our existing subscription in a new and updated format. In order to ease the transition for you we will be offering a CLE on WestlawNext on January 16 at 12pm at the law library. As usual, the CLE will be offered free to subscribers and for a fee to members of the public.

Some resources that may help with the transition to WestlawNext include the following written guides published by law libraries:

And the Thomson Reuters site, where both videos and written user guides are available:

If you are interested in registering for the CLE or have questions for the librarians please feel free to call us at 513-946-5300 or email us at reference@cms.hamilton-co.org.