Washington Court House Overdose Survivors Now Facing Misdemeanor Charge

On Monday, the Columbus Dispatch reported that authorities in Washington Court House, Ohio are now charging heroin users revived with naloxone with a misdemeanor. Beginning in February, the police began charging the drug users with inducing panic, which carries a $1000 fine and up to 180 days in jail. Seven people have been cited so far. The move made national news as various outlets picked up the story. While city officials did stress that people who call 911, or people who are with the drug user will not be charged, some wonder if this move won't lead to more overdose deaths, since people might be more reluctant to seek help. Washington Court House took this move after a rash of overdoses early this year, which left 6 dead. With the numbers of overdoses soaring across the nation, it will be interesting to see if other cities take a similar approach.