Tools to Stay Ahead: Action Tracker and Case Notifications

Have you ever been in the process of wrapping up a case brief, all points well-argued, references thoroughly researched, only to discover that a new bill signed into law mere weeks before has completely unraveled your argument?

Are you interested in being notified of all new cases that deal with a certain point of law?

Wish that you could read all hearings and testimony on bills currently in the House or Senate?

We can help!

Subscribers can email and let us know your interest and we’ll send you customized emails to fit your needs. Whether it’s movement on a bill, complete transcripts of hearings, new cases dealing with a particular point of law or a simple notification when the governor signs a document into law, we can send it all. This isn’t spam. We will never send you information you did not request. If there’s no movement on a bill or no new cases, then you won’t receive an email. It’s that simple.

Contact the library today to find out more about this great resource!