Thursday Bill Roundup: Counterfeiting, Veterans’ Courts and More

Each week, we highlight some of the bills and resolutions introduced in the Ohio Legislature in the past week. For question about these bills, or to see the full list, contact Laura Dixon-Caldwell.

Criminal Law 

HB 405-Counterfeiting Law 

This bill would create the offense of counterfeiting and include counterfeiting within the definition of "corrupt activity" under the Corrupt Activities Law.

HB 409-Veterans' Treatment Courts

HB 409 would permit courts to create veterans treatment courts and allow courts to divert certain criminal defendants to participate in veterans treatment court.

Estate and Probate Law

HB 407-Estate by Dower

This bill would abolish estate by dower.

Public Records 

HB 406-Public Records Exemptions

House bill 406 would add forensic evaluation examiners and mental health evaluation providers as individuals whose residential and familial information is exempt from disclosure under the Public Records Law, and whose addresses public offices, upon request, must redact from records available to the general public on the internet.

Traffic Cameras

HB 410-Regulate Civil Enforcement Scheme for Traffic Cameras

This bill would grant municipal and county courts original and exclusive jurisdiction over any civil action concerning a traffic law violation, specify that the court require an advance deposit for the filing of specified civil actions by the local authority bringing the civil action, and modify the reporting requirements and LGF withholding that apply to subdivisions that operate traffic law photo-monitoring devices.