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Justice Department Reverses Position in Voter Purge Case

The case of Ohio’s effort to purge voters from the rolls took another twist on Monday, when the Justice Department switched sides on the issue. The Justice Department filed a brief with the Supreme Court, backing Ohio’s plan of purging […]

Latest News on Trump Travel Ban: Who Is Affected?

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court delivered Trump a small victory in his ongoing battle over the so called “travel ban.” While agreeing to take the case up in the fall term, they agreed to let parts of the order stay […]

Supreme Court to review immigration action

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the government’s appeal of a decision out of the 5th Circuit that halted the Obama administration’s immigration action plan, the New York Times reports. The plan, proposed in November 2014, would have provided deferred action […]

Government appeals 5th Circuit on immigration action plan

Just over a year after President Obama announced his immigration action plan, the decision as to whether it can be implemented has made its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. We discussed the details of the plan last November, which […]