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New US Supreme Court Terms Begins Today-Key Cases to Watch

Today, the US Supreme Court begins a new term. This will be the first full term with Justice Neil Gorsuch, and his opinions will be closely watched. Here are several key cases with long ranging implications the Justices will be […]

Latest News on Trump Travel Ban: Who Is Affected?

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court delivered Trump a small victory in his ongoing battle over the so called “travel ban.” While agreeing to take the case up in the fall term, they agreed to let parts of the order stay […]

Supreme Court’s manual conflict check can be problematic

The Supreme Court manually checks for conflicts when determining whether the justices should recuse themselves from hearing petitions, as opposed to using conflict checking software, according to the National Law Journal. (sub. req.) This issue recently came to prominence when Justice […]

Death sentences and elected judges, an Ohio Supreme Court case analyzed

A Reuters article published this week discussed death sentences in states where judges are elected versus where they are appointed, with a particular focus on the Ohio Supreme Court. According to their analysis, appointed state supreme court judges reversed death sentences twice as often […]

Supreme Court opinions arrive as end of term nears

As the end of term nears, the Supreme Court is issuing opinions in several notable cases that it has heard since the beginning of the year. Yesterday the Court released decisions in 6 cases, leaving 11 remaining for the rest […]