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Sixth Circuit Decision Allows Ohio to Resume Executions

On Wednesday, the en banc Sixth Circuit ruled 8-6 that Ohio may resume lethal injections using a three drug mixture that includes the controversial sedative midazolam. The ruling reverses the injunction issued in January, and upheld in April.  The last […]

Ohio bill would prohibit death penalty for mentally ill offenders

Ohio senators introduced a bipartisan bill this week that seeks to prohibit the death penalty for offenders suffering from a “serious mental illness” at the time they committed their crimes, the Columbus Dispatch reports. SB 162 is sponsored by Sen. Bill […]

Exonerated Ohio men push to eliminate or reform death penalty

The Columbus Dispatch reports that six men who were wrongfully sentenced to death in Ohio are now speaking out against the death penalty. At a Statehouse news conference this week, Kwame Ajamu, Joe D’Ambrosio, Ricky Jackson, Derrick Jamison, Dale Johnston and […]

Inmates challenge execution drug secrecy law

The Northeast Ohio Media Group reports that several Ohio death-row inmates who have challenged Ohio’s new law providing anonymity to execution drug manufacturers have filed an appeal with the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. The inmates had originally filed the […]