Supreme Court nominees: speculation abounds

The national media has widely speculated that the Obama administration has narrowed a list of potential Supreme Court nominees down to five at present. The Washington Post reported on Monday that the likely candidates are all sitting federal judges, four of which serve on appellate courts and one who is a district court judge. According to speculation, the possible nominees are:

Merrick Garland, an appellate judge on the DC Circuit,

Sri Srinivasan, also an appellate judge on the DC Circuit,

Jane Kelly, an appellate judge on the 8th Circuit,

Paul Watford, an appellate judge on the 9th Circuit, and,

Ketanji Brown Jackson, a district court judge on the U.S. District Court in DC.

The Post reports that there is little indication of the ideological leanings of any of the potential candidates based on their judicial records, published writings or career paths. This is likely by design to avoid partisan rancor in the confirmation process, and has been common since President Reagan was unable to secure the confirmation of Robert Bork, according to the Post. Although we don't have much information about the candidates' ideologies or beliefs, SCOTUS Blog offered analysis today, evaluating them by several other criteria, including objective qualifications, legacy, politics and confirmability.

Image via Flickr user Phil Roeder.