Resource Spotlight: Espacenet

If you’re in need of a robust resource for international patents research, look no further than the European Patents Office’s Espacenet.

Espacenet houses over 95 million patent documents from around the world. You can search by product name, product type, patent number, manufacturer, inventor, date range and more. You can discover if a patent has been granted or is still in effect in hundreds of countries, peruse the patent family information, which will help you recognize if a similar patent has been claimed in another country and check the legal status information of each patent for foreign countries. You also have the ability to machine-translate patent documents in foreign languages for your convenience.

Espacenet holds millions of patent applications, which are the first publications of a new idea. This offers a free, easy way to keep track of emerging technologies for those who may not be interested in patents per se, but do what to keep up with the cutting edge of innovation and design. It’s also a great way to keep up with what the competition is currently working on.

The EPO offers handy tutorials and guides for getting started. You have the ability to save patents to a “patents list” if there are documents you use frequently and there is also an incredibly helpful query history tool.

Give Espacenet a try!