Research, it’s kind of our thing.

We are not attorneys. We didn’t go to Law School (well, Lauren did), we didn’t pass the Bar (well, Lauren did) and we can’t practice the law (well, Lauren can). But we can research. Oh buddy can we research. We are the librarians of the Hamilton County Law Library. Research is in our blood and our bones. The desire to leave no question unanswered burns through our veins with a fiery passion. We LOVE solving riddles. We LOVE finding the answer. Let us do that for you.

Anyone who comes into the Law Library is entitled to in-person research assistance. Our subscribers are entitled to both in-person and remote research assistance as part of their subscription. We go way beyond the simple “Can you send me this annotated ORC?” Sometimes the questions we get are so complex they make our brains feel like Swiss cheese – and we love it.

Here are just a few of the requests we have gotten in the past.

“I need cases from the last 20 years dealing with the exception to federal abstention for bad faith or harassment.”

“Can a homeowner’s insurance agency cease insuring a home that has been put into a revocable trust that has not been insured?”

“How did ORC 728.02 read in 1874?”

“I am looking for cases and statutes that speak to releasing and indemnifying a charitable organization from liability [if a person gets hurt on an outing provided by the charitable organization].”

“If you assert that a good fails its essential purpose, but then you continue to use that good, is there a valid defense against this?”

“Any caselaw that deals with the division of student loan debt in a divorce.”

“What recourse do I have if information is not divulged in a deposition but is then used later in Court?”


We can’t give legal advice or interpret the law, but we will research any legal topic thoroughly and minutely and provide the results to you so you can draw your own conclusions.

Let us be your researchers. It’s what we do best.


We are open to the public Monday through Friday 8-4. Subscribers can send their research requests to