Proposed Ohio Supreme Court Parenting Coordination Rules

The Ohio Supreme Court has announced that it will be entertaining public comment on new parenting coordination rules until September 4, 2013.

The Court’s news service said “the proposed Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio would apply to those courts that wish to use parenting coordination, a child-focused alternative dispute resolution process that can be ordered by a court in which a parenting coordinator assists families in implementing parental rights and responsibilities or companionship time orders.

"They set forth definitions, the role and qualifications of a parenting coordinator, and the responsibilities of the court to adopt local rules governing the use of parenting coordination, confidentiality, privilege, and public access. They also include factors necessary for ordering parenting coordination; required conditions when domestic abuse or domestic violence is alleged, suspected, or present; and inappropriate uses of parenting coordination.”

Comments on the proposed rules should be submitted in writing to:

Hagerott at the Supreme Court,
65 South Front Street, Sixth Floor,
Columbus, OH 43215

Or via e-mail to

Text of Proposed Coordination Rules