Ohio’s new?! Official State Rock Song….

The federal government’s shut down for a few days, but Ohio’s legislature’s still cranking away….

State Representatives Michael Stinziano & Cheryl Grossman yesterday introduced a bill in the Ohio House to designate "Hang on Sloopy," the old song by Wes Farrell and Bert Russell first recorded by The Vibrations back in 1964, as the official state rock song… never mind jobs,  the budget, environment, or global warming. (More on Sloopy for a lot of you .... I know... )

Actually, Wikipedia has an article showing that “Hang on Sloopy” already is one of the state’s songs, along with “Beautiful Ohio, “ by Ballard MacDonald (lyrics) and Mary Earl(music), adopted as the official state song in 1989. Wikipedia’s article says “Hang on Sloopy was adopted by the General Assembly in 1985, but, while never being signed into law,  was enacted throughHouse Concurrent Resolution 16, 116th General Assembly, 1985–1986 Session.

.... and the bill has 11 co-sponsors.