Ohio’s New Concealed Carry Law: What You Need To Know

On Tuesday, March 21, major changes to Ohio's concealed carry laws took effect. Changes in Senate Bill 199 include:

  • Active duty military members are no longer required to get a concealed carry license. As long as they carry valid military ID, and documentation of firearms training that meets or exceeds the training for concealed carry licensees, they are allowed to carry.
  • The areas where concealed carry is permitted has expanded to include day care centers (unless the center posts a sign prohibiting it), non-secured areas in airports, and in school zones, provided the gun is in their car.
  • Allows colleges and universities to waive the concealed carry prohibition on campus.
  • Employees may now bring guns to work, as long as the gun is stored in their vehicle.
  • Makes it discriminatory for employers to fire, discipline, or refuse to hire a person with a valid concealed carry license because the person possessed a firearm in their vehicle on company property.

Needless to say, these changes have been controversial. As of yet, no Ohio colleges have allowed concealed carry on campus, but time will tell. The Buckeye Firearms Association, which lobbied for the changes, argues that this helps parents who may get a call to pick up a sick child from school or daycare, and don't want to have to stop home first, and hunters who want to head out right after work. The Ohio Chamber of Commerce opposed these changes, arguing that it hinders employer's property rights.