Ohio Supreme Court adopts number of new rules

The Ohio Supreme Court has recently adopted a few new rules that affect a broad range of issues in Ohio.

The court adopted an amendment to the Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio that would create a presumption against shackling juveniles during court proceedings. Sup. Rule 5.01 requires courts to create local rules to implement this. The local rules must require judges or magistrates to make findings on the record that there is no less restrictive alternative to physically restraining the child before allowing shackling to take place. This is effective July 1. For more information, see the amendments, here.

The court also adopted amendments to the Rules for the Government of the Bar of Ohio that increase pro hac vice fees and add an optional fee to attorney registration. Registration fees for out-of-state attorneys to appear pro hac vice will increase from $150 to $300 in July. There will also be a $50 voluntary fee that attorneys can elect to add to their biennial registration. Both fees will be used to fund legal aid services. For more information about this, see the amendments, here.

The court adopted another set of amendments to the Rules for the Government of the Bar of Ohio that create the status of emeritus pro bono attorney. Attorneys who have practiced law for a minimum of fifteen years, are in good standing with the court and have not been disciplined in the past ten years or disbarred may serve in this capacity while volunteering with Legal Aid, the public defender or other legal services organizations. They are required to pay a $75 biennial registration fee. They cannot be compensated for their services, but can be reimbursed by the organization for expenses incurred. For complete details about limitations and requirements, see the full text of the amendments to Rule VI, here.

Image via Flickr user Sam Howzit.