Ohio lawmakers urge removal of Confederate flag, imagery

Two Ohio lawmakers have introduced a resolution in the Ohio Senate that urges removal of the Confederate flag and Confederate imagery both in other states and in Ohio, the Columbus Dispatch reports. SCR 7, sponsored by Charleta Tavares, D-Columbus and Cecil Thomas, D-Cincinnati, condemns displays of the Confederate flag. The resolution urges any state that flies the Confederate flag to stop doing so and to redesign any official flags that contain imagery from the flag. The resolution specifically references South Carolina, which began flying the flag at the state capitol in 1961, according to The Washington Post. The New York Times reports that the South Carolina Senate voted 37-3 to remove the flag yesterday. The House will also have to approve a measure before the flag will be removed.

The Ohio resolution also calls on Ohio retailers to stop selling merchandise containing the Confederate flag. According to the Dispatch, Reps. Emilia Sykes, D-Akron, and Alicia Reece, D-Cincinnati, are planning to introduce a similar resolution in the Ohio House.

Photo shows Confederate flag flying over the South Carolina statehouse. Photo Credit: eyeliam via Flickr.