Ohio bill would eliminate mandatory driver’s license suspensions for certain drug offenses

Senator Bill Seitz, R-Cincinnati, introduced a bill in the Ohio Senate yesterday that would eliminate mandatory driver's license suspensions related to convictions for certain drug offenses. Senate Bill 204, which is co-sponsored by Senators Eklund (R, Munson Township) Thomas, (D, Cincinnati) and Uecker, (R-Miami Township), would leave whether to impose those suspensions to the discretion of the court. Currently many drug related offenses require a minimum six month license suspension under the Ohio Revised Code.

The bill would also allow courts to terminate license suspensions for offenses that occurred out-of-state and those that had been previously imposed in Ohio. It also adds new provisions to Ohio law permitting license suspensions for possessing nitrous oxide in a motor vehicle. The full-text of SB204 in its current form is available at the Ohio General Assembly website.

Image via Wikimedia Commons.