NuWav: Legal Forms Made Easy

The Clermont County Public Library has added a new resource for legal forms and it is fantastic! For over a year now, CCPL has been the only free source for Gale Legal Forms in the Southwestern Ohio Region (it is still available for Kentucky through the Kenton County Public Library). However, many users, especially non-attorneys, felt that Gale was too cumbersome and confusing. I remember trying to help a member of the public download a Power of Attorney, only to have them give up in frustration when they couldn’t choose between the 8 different POA options available in Gale. As a librarian, I could give them no advice or guidance on which form best fit their needs. NuWav does away with all of that.

When you log in with your CCPL library card (available to all residents of the state of Ohio, eCard application here), the landing page is very simple and easy to navigate. The forms are broken into basic categories: Estate Planning, Real Estate, Business, Civil, Family, Personal Finance, U.S. Courts and More. Each category has a further breakdown with the most popular forms listed on the landing page and links to more forms below.

I decided to make a test General Durable Power of Attorney, since that was what so frustrated my patron in the past. There are only two options for a POA on NuWav - A Limited and a General Durable – though there are other supporting documents like revocations and affidavits also available for download. Clear, simple descriptions make it easy to choose which document best fits your needs. Once you’ve chosen the form you need, the database asks you a series of questions with thorough explanations available to ensure users understand and provide the correct information. When you have finished answering the questions, a fully populated form downloads in Word format to allow for further editing if necessary. Then you just print the form and you’re ready to go. Easy peasy.

The collection of forms included in NuWav is by no means as robust as Gale, so attorneys may not find it as useful, but the simplicity and ease-of-use more than make up for it in my opinion.