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Felony Enhancement Bills

Two bills were introduced in Ohio’s House of Representatives this past week we think warrant early mention. Rep. Jack Cera introduced the first seeking “To increase to 10 years the mandatory prison term for a person who is convicted of […]

Ohio Supreme Court Adopts Interpreter Services Improvements

The Ohio Supreme Court’s news service Monday announced that the Court had approved rule changes that will provide better access to the state’s judicial system for people who need language interpretation, amending Rules 80-88 of the Rules of Superintendence for the Courts […]

Supreme Court decision against political donation limits won’t affect Ohio — at least for now

FoxNews, along with the others, yesterday morning reported the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that limits on the total amount of money individuals can give to candidates, political parties and political action committees are unconstitutional -- splitting the court's liberal and conservative justices – […]

Ohio Supreme Court’s resolving of traffic camera issue

Parts of a controversy that’s actually nation-wide may soon be resolved at least in this state when the Ohio Supreme Court hears arguments over the legality of traffic cameras Friday. A Cleveland Plain Dealer article yesterday related that “while the case specifically involves […]

Ohio Death Penalty Review Task Force Report

The Columbus Dispatch this morning is reporting that “sweeping changes in how Ohio handles capital punishment, including banning executions of the mentally ill, requiring DNA evidence or a videotaped confessions and reserving the death penalty for the 'worst of the worst' crimes, are among […]

Ohio Death Penalty Task Force Report Update

Not all of the 22-member Ohio Supreme Court death penalty assessment task force were in agreement when they wrapped up their review of the state’s death penalty “administrative and procedural mechanisms” yesterday, Cleveland’s Plain Dealerreports this morning, with prosecutors on the […]

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. v. Aereo, Inc.

Bruce Springsteen back in 1992 sang a song called "57 Channels (And Nothin' On),” NPR this morning commenting on his being ahead of his times with our now having hundreds of channels -- like it or not --- most are part of your basic cable […]

Grand Lake St. Marys

The Columbus Dispatch this morning reported the state’s department of natural resources’s appearing before the Supreme Court again yesterday in answering why it should not be held in contempt – again --  nearly five years after it was ordered to pay damages to […]

Ohio Supreme Court Glossary of Legal Terms

“The court held in a per curiam opinion that a peremptory challenge during voir dire was barred by precedent --- The court this morning ruled sua sponte that the motion for summary judgment was barred by res judicata… Say what? Obviously not everyone skimming the Ohio Supreme […]

Supreme Court Denies Gun Control Case Session

Reuters was among the many outlets reporting the U.S. Supreme Court’s declining to hear & weigh in on whether gun owners have a constitutional right to carry handguns outside the home in a challenge to a New Jersey state law that requires people […]