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Bits & Pieces Heading to the New Year

Incandescent Light bulb Phase-out Starting things off, NBCNews took note that most Americans aren't even aware that their traditional light sources will soon become a rare commodity with the Jan. 1 deadline to end production of 60- and 40-watt incandescent light bulbs according to […]

Clarifying Ohio Supreme Court’s consideration of Accelerated Joint Bachelor’s/Law Degree Proposed Program Rule Changes

The requirements regarding Accelerated Joint Bachelor’s/Law Degree joint programs not being completely intuitive without some background on them, we’d like to clarify some points in that regard. Director of Bar Admissions, Lee Ann Ward, advises that “the language regarding joint programs is […]

GED test overhauled; some states opt for new exams

The Associated Press is reporting “an upgraded GED exam and two new competing equivalency tests offered in several states will usher in the potential for a new era in adult education testing beginning in the New Year. “The GED (General Educational Development) exam, and probably best-known,  was […]

New Year Brings Several Ohio Rule Changes

Without belaboring things too much, we want to pass on a few notes posted by the Supreme Court’s new service as we start things off for 2014, with their reminder of several new rules that took effect Wednesday, Jan.  1 judges and lawyers should […]

2013 – 2014 Transition

One last glimpse of the 2013—2014 transition is perhaps in order as introduced by Jeremy Pelzer, Northeast Ohio Media Group in the Cleveland Plain Dealer last week. Pelzer wrote that “for the Ohio General Assembly, 2014 is shaping up to […]

6th. Circuit Child Pornography/Biased Juror Remand

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in remanding a Youngstown Northern District child pornography case last Tuesday centering on a juror’s admitted probable inability & reluctance to view physical evidence related to the case, held in pertinent parts…  [USA v. Trent […]

Certified Ohio Question re. Status of County Jail/ State Prison in Interstate Agreements

Cleveland’s Plain Dealer last Tuesday wrote about a certified appeals casein which the key issue centers in how a phrase “a penal or correctional institution of a party state,” which appears in the interstate agreement – meant to resolve outstanding charges in one […]

Scam Emails About Phony Court Cases Carrying Viruses

The Ohio Supreme Court’s news service this morning is passing on a warning of a national alert that has been issued about an email scam  in which emails purporting to come from federal and state courts are, in fact, infecting recipients with […]

A Handle on Cloud Computing

A Corporate Counsel Lexis link surveys some ideas about cloud computing’s becoming an ever-bigger part of the future with all types of corporations  jumping on the proverbial bus, and a big question to be looking at being “is this bus of the […]

On attorney disciplinary measures…

The role of coincidence & serendipity in the world not being questioned, we’re noting a Plain Dealer article earlier this week about an attorney lawyer facing disbarment Tuesday arguing to the state supreme court that the recommended punishment was too harsh, while the Office […]