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Arguments ricochet around Ohio gun bill debate

An article in yesterday morning's Columbus Dispatch heralded “the latest proposals sweeping changes to Ohio gun laws, including a 'stand your ground' provision, has generated fierce debate in the state’s House ." House Bill 203, introduced last June by Representative Terry Johnson, amended by […]

Ohio Veterans’ Health Care System proposed

A bill to create an Ohio Veterans’ Health Care System  was introduced by in the Ohio House yesterday by Representative Lynn Wachtmann “to provide eligible veterans with comprehensive health care services, including health, medical, hospital, dental, and surgical benefits.” The program would […]

Presentence investigation reports in criminal case before sentencing

The Ohio Supreme Court’s new service Monday morning made note of the Court’s hearing State of Ohio v. Lashawn Amos andChristopher Richmond v. State of Ohio on Tuesday, both asking whether trial courts must consider a presentence investigation report in a criminal case before sentencing […]

Ohio Mayors’ Courts new online caseload reporting portal

In Ohio, "mayor's courts" existed by virtue of the law conferring jurisdiction on officials of  municipal corporations to hear and determine prosecutions for violations of municipal ordinances and certain moving traffic violations up until 2002 without population formalities. In that […]

Indiana’s Seventh Circuit Orders Further Review of “Robocall” Ban

We all know what “robocalls”  are --- computerized auto-dialers calling at dinner time or whenever, delivering a pre-recorded message telling us a prescription’s ready, wanting us to buy something, or vote for one guy, some issue, or something else. Wikipedia relates “The […]

Immunities in Drug Emergency Assistances

Ohio Representatives Robert Sprague & Denise Driehaus introduced a bill on  11/26/2013 seeking  to provide an immunity from arrest, prosecution, conviction, or supervised release sanctioning for minor drug- possession offenses for a person who seeks or obtains medical assistance for […]

Exclusionary Rule & Suppression in First Circuit Unlawfully Obtained DNA Case

A Law Journal article Monday relayed “the First Circuit Court of Appeals on Nov. 22. in U.S. v. Thomasagreed with defendant Michael Thomas that authorities violated his Fourth Amendment rights when they obtained his DNA during a Postal Inspection Service’s prior investigation of […]

Enhanced Online Legal Research Resources Available at Ohio Supreme Court Law Library

The Supreme Court’s news service this morning announced patrons at the Supreme Court’s law library will now have free access to more resources when they perform legal research thanks to new upgrades obtained with a new contact with Westlaw, according to Erin Waltz, […]

New York Lawsuit Arguing Chimpanzees Have Human Rights

Steve Wise and The Nonhuman Rights Project’s filing of a habeas corpus petition in Fulton County, New York -- the first of its kind seeking legal rights to non-humans -- has stirred a new life of sorts into an otherwise news-numbed media, and raising […]

1st Circuit GPS Tracking Cases and the National Law Journal had an article this morning about the First Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Chief Judge Sandra Lynch, with senior judges Kermit Lipez and Norman Stahl, hearing arguments in two unrelated warrantless tracking cases,U.S. v. Báez and U.S. v. Oladosu, yesterday. The […]