New Services

The Law Library staff will complete electronic cite checks for members. Library members have the choice of using the Shepard’s books, Ohio and Federal Shepard’s on CD-ROM, Shepards on Lexis.Com or Keycite on WestLaw.

Since the electronic services are new, the Law Library is giving members a chance to compare results with traditional Shepard's. Temporarily, electronic cite checking will be completed at no charge. Demand will determine the permanent arrangement. If the electronic cite checking is acceptable to the members, some little used Shepard’s citators may no longer be purchased in print. If electronic cite checking takes a substantial amount of staff time, it may be billed similar to WestLaw searching.

If you have more than three citations to check electronically, or you want to have checks run on both services, please allow time between dropping off the cite list and picking up the printouts. Faxing the list of citations will allow time for the research.

Training will be offered in the Law Library to assist members with electronic cite checking. Specific information about training sessions will be distributed.

World Wide Web

Cincinnati Law Library Catalog

The Cincinnati Law Library catalog is now available on the World Wide Web. The site can be accessed by going directly to
Alternatively you may go to the Hamilton County Webpage and use the County Sites to open a list including the Law Library. You may determine if a book is included in the library collection and if it is available. The Web catalog provides the date of the latest update. If you have a question, problem or suggestion about the Web catalog, please call or e-mail.

Ohio Court of Appeals Decisions

First District Court of Appeals Decisions for Hamilton County are available on the Internet at Court of Appeals offers decisions from the most recent three months on its website. Current and archived copies of decisions are still available at the Library in both paper format and on CD-ROM.

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Ohio Handbooks

Anderson’s Ohio Tort Reform Guide. Anderson Publishing, Cincinnati, 2000-
The Law Library recently placed an order for Anderson’s Ohio Tort Reform Guide. This title will be available from the publisher February 18, and will be available in the library shortly thereafter.
According to the pre-publication documentation from Anderson, this guide includes all relevant legislative material as it relates to tort reform in Ohio. The Guide will include the complete text of House Bill 350, the Supreme Court decision striking down that law, the pre-House Bill 350 version of the affected statutes and the text of intervening amendments to the affected statutes. This Guide will also have a subject matter index to the statutes.

Ohio Landlord Tenant Law, Frederic White. West Group, St. Paul, 1999- Reference and Ohio Room KFO117 .W45
This handbook addresses issues relevant to residential landlords and tenants and their attorneys, focusing on the Ohio Landlord-Tenant Act. Case law, including pre-statutory case law, is discussed. Included in the discussion of landlord tenant law are hypothetical questions and the legal answers. This format is used to demonstrate and explain the application of statutes to actual situations. Sample forms, letters, and pleadings, as well as several appendices detailing such things as "Fair Housing Accessibility Guidelines" and "Guidance on the Lead Based Paint Disclosure Rules," are provided.

Ohio Consumer Law. West Group, St. Paul, 1999- Reference and Ohio Room KFO223 .O35
This book analyzes consumer law issues, providing guidance in such areas of Ohio law as the "Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act," the "Home Solicitation Act," and the "Retail Installment Act," as well as such federal laws as the "Truth in Lending Act" and the "Fair Debt Collections Practices Act." The annotated text includes citations to both reported and unreported Ohio cases. Forms, letters, complaints, and discovery documents are provided. Chapters include discussions on a variety of issues, including odometer fraud, lemon law, credit card law, and arbitration of consumer issues. There is a useful chart of laws applicable to consumer transactions in the beginning of the book.

Sixth Circuit Reported Decisions on CD-ROM
The Library now has available on CD-ROM reported decisions from the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. The software is Folio Bound Views from Lexis Publishing. Please see a reference librarian for assistance using this CD-ROM.

Laser Copy Cost Reduced

In response to a patron request, the library investigated the possibility of reducing the cost of printing documents off the computers. The Laser Jet printer used is working reliably and has not required expensive repairs or replacement. Beginning in January, all laser printer copies are $.10 per page.

County Law Library Funding Legislation

The County Law Library funding reform, drafted by an Ohio State Bar Association Committee, has been introduced as House Bill 440. The Bill would increase funding to all County Law Libraries and would spread the cost of the Law Libraries across more Courts. It would also make the funding more predictable, which would aid planning and budgeting. Please contact your legislators in support of this bill.

Totidem Verbis ?

[T]he privilege of bringing every law to the test of the constitution belongs to the humblest citizen, who owes no obedience to any legislative act which transcends the constitutional limits.
Joseph Story in The Miscellaneous Writings of Joseph Story


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