Thank you & Congratulations

After 8 years as President of the Law Library Board of Trustee, J. Neal Gardner handed the gavel to John G. Slauson. Mr. Gardner was an active and thorough President who oversaw many positive changes in the Law Library.

Mr. Slauson has been Vice President of the Board since 1990 . Cathy R. Cook, formerly chair of the Personnel Committee, was elected Vice President. Stephen L. Black was re-elected Treasurer.

Totidem Verbis ?

Existing rules and principles can give us our present location, our bearings, our latitude and longitude. The inn that shelters for the night is not the journey’s end. The law, like the traveler, must be ready for the morrow. It must have a principal of growth.

Benjamin N. Cardozo

Dust & Disruptions - cont’d

Construction in the Law Library space is scheduled to be completed in April 1999. The last day of construction will not be the last day of disruption. After the construction walls are removed and bookcases reinstalled, portions of the collection will be moved.

Changes in Legal Publishing

Reed Elsevier PLC owns LEXIS-NEXIS which has 12 law publishing subsidiaries. LEXIS Law Publishing is one of the subsidiaries. LEXIS Law Publishing offers titles formerly published by Aspen, West Group, Lawyers Cooperative and several small publishers. LEXIS Law Publishing also includes Matthew Bender, Martindale Hubbell, and Shepards.

LEXIS-NEXIS announced and WESTLAW confirmed that Shepard’s Citation Service will not be available on WESTLAW after July 2, 1999. WESTLAW is offering KeyCite. Shepard’s Citation Service will still be available on LEXIS-NEXIS.

The Cincinnati Law Library has Shepard’s Citation Service in book and CD-ROM.

BNA has ceased updating the Estates, Gifts and Trusts Reference File. The Portfolios will be updated. The information previously included in the Reference File will be available on the CD-ROM, which is not available in the Cincinnati Law Library.

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Had you noticed...?

In order to inform you of the Cincinnati Law Library’s holdings, this column will feature brief reviews of new, important or underutilized publications.

Specialized Form Books

The Law Library has a variety of form books. The general comprehensive sets (Am Jur Legal Forms 2d, West’s Legal Forms, Nichols Cyclopedia of Legal Forms etc.) are available. Most substantial treatises also have appendices of forms. Texts on subjects from bankruptcy to construction law to corporate acquisitions and mergers all have detailed forms keyed to their commentary. Many of the more recent sets also have their forms on computer diskettes.

There is a third category - specialized form books not part of a treatise. These sets are often overlooked in favor of old standards like Am Jur Legal Forms 2d but can be much more useful and detailed than a general set of forms.

Warren’s Forms of Agreement: Business Forms, Martin D. Fern. Matthew Bender, New York, 1954- Text KF808.A65 .W3 This set, now in seven looseleaf volumes, supplies forms of contracts used to document business transactions. In addition to forms, it includes commentary on the legal, business and tax matters typically affecting business contracts. Usually a general form of contract is given ("Joint venture agreement for development of invention") followed by clauses covering specific issues ("Death of venturer - no termination of venture"). The commentary, as well as the vast number of subordinate clauses, make it particularly useful to drafters of contracts. Warren’s is national in scope and generally does not include variants of contracts by state. Clauses for specific contracts are given but those clauses are not specially adapted to Ohio law.

Murphy’s Will Clauses: Annotations and Clauses with Tax Effects. Joseph H. Murphy et. al. Matthew Bender, New York, 1960- Text KF748.1 .M87

This five volume looseleaf set includes exactly what the title suggests - annotated clauses for drafters of wills. Both commentary and check lists include estate planning and tax considerations. Trust forms are also provided when required by a particular provision. Clauses can be very fact specific ("Bequest expressly including child by artificial insemination born to married woman with husband’s consent"). There are 134 clauses specifically on legacies to children. This treatise was originally developed for New York law but is national in scope. The commentary, and some forms, refer to particular requirements of individualstates. There is a notation when a state does not follow the general legal rule.

Lindey on Entertainment, Publishing and the Arts: Agreements and the Law 2nd ed. Alexander Lindey and Michael Landau. West Group, St. Paul, 1980- Text KF2992 .L5

This five volume looseleaf set is the standard form book for entertainment law. As well as the matters noted in the title, Lindey deals with advertising agreements, copyright, and software purchasing contracts. Substantial commentary, with reference to tax consequences, is supplied. While not needed as often as Warren’s or Murphy’s, this set is useful to anyone working with matters even touching on publishing or entertainment law. Lindey is national in scope and makes little reference to variations by state.

There are numerous other specialized form books. They can be found in the computer catalog or by browsing the shelves by subject. Form books will shelved near the texts on the same subject.


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