Dust & Disruptions

Usually a sign saying "Pardon our dust," is figurative. But the Law Library has been extremely dusty, due to the Courthouse Renovation project. Please accept an apology for the inconvenience.

Noise and erratic air conditioning have also been caused by the construction project.

Since June 1997, the entire library collection has been shifted. In some instances the shift was merely to accommodate growth in the collection. In other instances, the shifts were required by construction but may be temporary.

Text Room

In order to accommodate the construction, publications in the Text Room have been shifted. The circulating copies of Ohio publications are on the West wall of the Text Room temporarily.

Ohio Room

As described in March, the state materials, except Ohio, are now shelved in alphabetical order beginning in the Ohio Room and extending into the stacks behind that room. Ohio materials are shelved out of alphabetical sequence, in the front of Ohio Room. A portion of the Ohio Room is an active construction site. There are work tables in the Ohio Room, but the Main Room and the former Smoking Room are more suitable.


The card catalog has been removed. The computer catalog is available on several computers in the Law Library. In addition to the traditional searches: author, title and subject; the computer catalog offers keyword searching. Please ask for assistance.

Main Room

The Ohio Reference collection was relocated. The Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code are now located where the Ohio Reference materials were formerly shelved. The Ohio materials are still near the front door to the Law Library.

Smoking Room

The Smoking Room, which was announced in March, closed on June 15. The Courthouse is now a smoke-free workplace. The room is available for phone calls and additional workspace during the construction project.

Totidem Verbis ?

Even as there are laws of poetry, so there is poetry in law.
A Treasury of Jewish Quotations


The Ohio General Assembly did not enact any of the proposals concerning County Law Library Funding. Thanks to those Law Library Association members who wrote supporting HB 702. Please be prepared for this issue to be considered next session.