There are two bills pending in the Ohio General Assembly which would change the funding for County Law Libraries, including the Cincinnati Law Library Association. There is a third proposal which is anticipated but has not been introduced.

The Law Library receives a portion of fines and bail bond forfeitures, as directed by the Ohio Revised Code. This funding mechanism was initially established in the 1800s. Certain sections were capped in 1938 and 1958. These statutory funds represent 95% of the Law Library’s expenditures. The other 5% is dues paid by individual members.

House Bill 636 was introduced by Representative Grendell of Geauga County. This bill would change the percentage of fines paid to County Law Libraries from 50% to 25%. Such a dramatic reduction in Law Library funding would have major consequences for all County Law Libraries across the state. The Ohio State Bar Association opposes HB 636.

Representative Womer Benjamin of Portage County introduced House Bill 702. This proposal was drafted by the Ohio State Bar Association in 1992. HB 702 increases the capped amounts to present value and provides for a cost of living adjustment to the amount each year.

The third proposal is from the Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission. The recommendation would fund County Law Libraries with a Civil Fee and a Criminal Cost. The Ohio State Bar Association has in the past opposed plans which increase the cost of access to justice.


Phone System

As part of the Courthouse Renovations, a new phone system is being installed. The new system will be activated in the Law Library on March 5. The system for paging will change as well as the phone numbers. Instructions for responding to a page will be posted next to each public phone. Although long distance calls will be blocked on public phones, there will be additional phones and more privacy.

HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Closed on Legal Holidays
Phone Numbers effective 3/5/98
TELEPHONE: (513) 946-5300
FAX: (513) 946-5252

Smoking Room

There is a new smoking room, located up the ramp on the West side of the Courthouse. This space is outside the core Law Library space, but it is equipped with tables, chairs, lights, phones and exhaust fans. There are no books shelved in the smoking room.

Please cooperate by bringing Law Library materials back into the Main Room when you finish. You may use the new smoking room as a smoking conference room, as long as no one is inconvenienced.

Smoking is allowed in the Ohio Room temporarily. There will be construction in that space, and after the construction, smoking will no longer be allowed.

Shelving Arrangements

To accommodate the Courthouse Renovations and to make the Law Library more useful, many parts of the collection are being moved. Older materials are being removed from the Text Room. They are available by request.

The Law Journals have been shifted. Unfortunately, the letters glued on the Marble Columns have to be removed by professionals. Please excuse the incorrect information.

The Medical collection, previously shelved in an office has been updated and reshelved at the front of the Text Room. These materials constitute the basic medical library recommended by the Medical Librarians Association.

The State Text area of the Text Room will be closed due to construction. To improve accessibility and avoid interfering with the construction, all non-Ohio state materials will be moved into the Ohio Room and its stacks.

State materials currently shelved in the Text Room, Main Room, and Ohio Room will be in alphabetical order by state. Within each state, publications will be shelved by Call Number. For example, Indiana statutes, digests and texts will be together.

Totidem Verbis ?

Our course of advance, therefore, is neither a straight line nor a curve. It is a series of dots and dashes.

Benjamin N. Cardozo

The Paradoxes of Legal Science, 1928



In December 1995, the Association contracted for the purchase and installation of a computer library catalog to replace the card catalog. The Law Library staff is now in the process of customizing the system.

The computer library catalog is now available on workstations in the Main Room and the Computer Room. In addition to locating publications using author, title or subject, the system searches by keyword. Please ask one of the librarians for a demonstration of the new system.

CD-ROM Search Assistance or Training

The Law Library has an increasing number of legal publications on CD-ROM. If you feel intimidated, want a quick refresher or search assistance, ask to set up training time. Training can be as long or as short as your schedule allows. Search Assistance is available on an unscheduled basis from the librarian who is handling reference questions.


Had you noticed...?

In order to inform you of the Cincinnati Law Library’s holdings, this column will feature brief reviews of new, important, or under-utilized material. We hope this will help you to take full advantage of the Library.


The West Regional Reporter System is held in a combination of microfiche and paper. Except for Kentucky Decisions and the Northeastern Reporter, all Regional Reporter citations earlier than 1990 will be available from microfiche. Kentucky Decisions, containing all reported Kentucky cases since 1887 will be available in paper. These books are used with the Southwestern Reporter citation. The Northeastern Reporter books will be maintained for decisions since 1980.


Thursday January 1, 1998 New Years Day

Monday January 19, 1998 Martin Luther King Day

Monday February 16, 1998 Presidents Day

Friday April 10, 1998 Good Friday Closed 12:30 p.m.

Monday May 25, 1998 Memorial Day

Friday July 3, 1998 Independence Day

Monday September 7, 1998 Labor Day

Monday October 12, 1998 Columbus Day

Tuesday November 3, 1998 Election Day Closed 12:30 p.m.

Wednesday November 11, 1998 Veterans Day

Thursday November 26, 1998 Thanksgiving Day

Thursday December 24, 1998 Christmas Eve Closed 12:30 p.m.

Friday December 25, 1998 Christmas Day

Thursday December 31, 1998 New Year’s Eve Closed 12:30 p.m.