Annual Meeting to Reconvene

The annual meeting of the Cincinnati Law Library Association on June 12, 1997 adjourned until July 30, 1997 at Noon in the Law Library. The Annual Meeting will reconvene briefly for the purpose of electing a Clerk. Any member interested in the position of Law Library Clerk should contact the Law Librarian or a Law Library Trustee.

Many Thanks and Many Congratulations

John G. Banner, Law Library Trustee since 1993, requested he not be nominated to succeed himself on the Board. His responsibilities as a Law Library Trustee demanded time now required by his position as Hearing Examiner with the City of Cincinnati’s Office of Administrative Hearings. Thank you and Congratulations.

Jeanette H. Rost, the Law Library Clerk since 1991, was elected to the vacancy on the Board of Trustees. As Clerk Ms. Rost kept minutes of the Trustees Meetings and the Annual Meetings. That involves a substantial amount of work. Thank you and Congratulations.

George W. Baker, Assistant Law Librarian, accepted employment as Law Librarian with the Trumbull County Law Library Association in Warren, Ohio. He had been employed by the Cincinnati Law Library Association since 1993. Thank you and Congratulations.

Victor L. Maxey, Assistant Cataloger, has announced that he will retire effective July 25, 1997. Mr. Maxey was the Director of the Cincinnati Bible Seminary Library. He was recently recognized by the Seminary for his foresight in automating the Seminary Library during the early 1970s. Thank you and Congratulations.

Mark Linneman, formerly of University of Kentucky Law Library, accepted the position of Temporary Assistant Law Librarian. Mr. Linneman will be handling reference questions and other library duties, such as the "Had you noticed..?" column on the back of this newsletter.

Totidem Verbis ?

The main object of conciliation lies in reaching a solution to a case based upon morals and with a warm heart.


Analects, c500 BC


Reference Service is the primary function at the Cincinnati Law Library Association (CLLA), linking library resources to library users. The Public Services staff at CLLA has more than thirty years of combined experience in law librarianship.

Library users ask distinct types of questions. Some questions are directional, such as "Where is the photocopier?" Other questions are for specific materials, such as "Do you have New Mexico Statutes Annotated?" All Public Services staff at CLLA can answer these basic questions.

Likewise, all Public Services staff handle telephone requests for specific publications or for materials by citation. Using information recorded on a Telephone Request form, staff members locate items for pick up. Such telephone requests are resolved within twenty minutes of receipt.

Complex, open-ended Reference questions are given to the Law Librarian and the Assistant Law Librarians for resolution. The Law Librarians assist library users with a number of sources: primary and secondary, print and electronic. Nevertheless, limitations on staff time prevent the Law Librarians from devoting more than twenty minutes to any single request.

The electronic resources available for library users include numerous titles on CD-ROM. The Public Services staff at CLLA will provide instruction and assistance. However, we ask that library users limit their computer use to fifteen minutes if someone is waiting.

In the event that a publication is not available at CLLA, the Public Services staff will suggest other area sources such as the Public Library, the University of Cincinnati College of Law Library, or Chase College of Law Library. Interlibrary loan service is provided for library users when materials are not available locally or when it is impossible for library users to visit these local libraries. Books borrowed from other libraries may have restrictions on usage or short loan periods.

Finally, Public Services staff provide legal information to library users. Legal advice includes interpretation of the law and preparation of legal documents. Public Services staff are not being uncooperative when they suggest that library users interpret materials for themselves or decide how materials apply to their cases. Public Services staff refer library users requiring legal advice to such organizations as the Cincinnati Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service.

HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Closed on Legal Holidays

TELEPHONE: (513) 632-8371

FAX: (513) 632-6899

Had you noticed...?

In order to inform you of the Cincinnati Law Library’s holdings, this column will feature brief reviews of new, important, or under-utilized material. We hope this will help you to take full advantage of the Library.



Verdict Research Infobase, Crestwood, Ky. : JAS Publications, Inc. 1996.

The Law Library recently installed JAS Publications’ Verdict Research Infobase in the Computer room. This service summarizes all available civil jury trials from courts in eight states, including Ohio. It also includes settlements. The publisher, and information available, is the same as in the Ohio Trial Reporter (Main Room KF047.1 .03). The CD is much easier to use. The paper version has only annual indexes. The CD allows access to all cases by a variety of terms including type of injury, insurance carrier, age of claimant, expert witness, type of case (e.g. medical malpractice, slander, or banking) and county. A search can be limited to Hamilton County cases where a plaintiff is claiming compensation for a broken fibula and the insurance carrier is State Farm.

When using the CD, language describing the legal or fact situation can be connected by simple terms such as "and", "or" or "not". Typing in "hysterectomy and malpractice" finds sixty two cases, eleven from Ohio. "Slander or libel and thief" finds four cases, none from Ohio. All words or numbers can be searched and there is an alphabetical listing of searchable words . Common synonyms can be searched automatically by adding a dollar sign to the end of a word. Hurt$ gives all uses of hurt, injured or wounded. Special features are useful in identifying the most relevant verdicts.

One advantage of the paper Ohio Trial Reporter remains its monthly updating; the CD-ROM is only published every six months. The paper copy can be up to five months more current than the CD. A complete search for Ohio verdicts requires the most recent monthly issues of the Trial Reporter. Despite this drawback the CD is already seeing remarkably heavy use. If demand continues printing will be moved to a better quality and more reliable printer.

The Library also continues to hold a variety of paper sources detailing jury verdicts. As well as the Ohio Trial Reporter these sets include:

National Jury Verdict Review and Analysis. Jury Verdict Review Publications, Newark, N.J., 1985- (Library has Vol. III, 1987-) Main KF1247.8 .N36. Covers state and federal civil jury verdicts with commentary and analysis. Separate index for each volume.

Personal Injury Jury Verdict Reviews. LRP Publications, Horsham, Pa., 1983- Main KF1256.A75 .P4. Indexed by expert witness name and specialty as well as by subject. Biweekly, separate index for each volume.

JVR Personal Injury Valuation Handbook. LRP Publications, Horsham, Pa. 1964- Main KF1256.A8 .J87 Arranged by type of injury; also gives likely recoveries (e.g. basic injury values for urinary tract injuries) illustrated by case summaries and includes settlements. Issued three times per month. A cumulative index covers the entire set. The companion JVR Case Evaluation Manual, 1988- adjusts valuations of injuries by a variety of factors. These include age of plaintiff, total medical expenses and the location of the trial. This set is a good place to start.