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Ohio lawyers’ CLE requirement changes

The Ohio Supreme Court is reminding its attorney base that significant continuing legal education (CLE) changes  that impact attorneys, judges, magistrates, and new lawyers are relatively soon forthcoming., amendments first  applying to attorneys and judges whose last names begin with […]

Accelerated “3+3” Paths to Law Degree Approved in Ohio

As was announced late last year, under the recently adopted amendments to Rule I of the Supreme Court Rules for the Government of the Bar of Ohio, applicants for admission to the practice of law in Ohio would only be required […]

Ohio Supreme Court hearing traffic cameras case

A article related the Ohio Supreme Court’s this morning hearing the appeal by the City of Toledo and its camera vendor of  rulings favoring of a motorist who sued over a 2009 camera-generated ticket, charging that  city's administrative handling of tickets was […]

Revised Ohio Probate Forms

The Ohio Supreme Court yesterday morning announced  it has approved amendments to New Form 7.0(A) (Notice to Administrator of Medicaid Estate Recovery) with language added due to public comment that makes it clear the forms should be filed with the Ohio Attorney […]

Ohio Death Penalty Task Force Releases Final Report

Word's out, and, as in the words of Cleveland’s Plain Dealer and others, “Ohio’s Supreme Court task force on the death penalty has come out recommending sweeping changes to the state's capital punishment system in its long-awaited final report. “The task force's […]

Whistleblower protection extends to company contractors

NPR yesterday morning related “the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that a federal whistleblower law, enacted after the collapse of Enron Corporation, protects not just the employees of a public company, but also company contractors like lawyers, accountants, and investment funds.” The case […]

Kentucky bill setting minimum life without parole penalty in officer murder this morning carries a story about Kentucky Rep. David Floyd’s announcing at a news release that he has filed a bill that would set the minimum penalty of life without parole in cases involving the intentional murder of a local or state […]

Ohio Public Employees’ Whistle-blower Protection Venue

The Columbus Dispatch this morning relays “Joseph Sommer pictures corruption in state government gaining a foothold unless Ohio law is changed to protect workers who blow the whistle on misconduct,” following his receiving  a letter of reprimand from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ […]

Conduct Guidelines for Ohio Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys Issued

  The Ohio Supreme Court’s news service this morning passed on an announcement of the Ohio Supreme Court’s Commission on Professionalismreleasing a new best practices publication to promote professionalism among Ohio’s lawyers. The Professionalism Dos and Don’ts: Conduct of Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys lists a number […]

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — Ocwen Financial Corp. mortgage infraction settlement

A Blog of Legal Times post yesterday related the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 49 states – including tri-state Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana – along with the District of Columbia’s  requiring Atlanta-based Ocwen Financial Corp.  to provide $2 billion in loan modification relief to its […]