New way to reserve meeting rooms at the law library!

We’ve rolled out a new way to reserve our conference rooms and meeting spaces at the Law Library and it’s easier than ever! Whether you just need one of the rooms in the main space or need to set up a video conference with Butler County in the Boardroom, it can all be done online.

Step 1: Navigate to our webpage and sign in.

Step 2: Select Reserve a Room under the Services tab.

Step 3: Select the room you want to reserve.

You can reserve one of the four rooms in the Main Reading Room (Taft, Hoadley, King or Sage), one of the three new spaces in the newly renovated conference center (Holmes, McClain or Ellinwood Allen) or the Kraft Boardroom.

Step 4: Select the date you need the room. Clicking on the date will bring up another box that allows you to select the times you need the room. Times are in 1 hour increments.

Once you’ve selected all the times you need, click the X at the top left of the box.

Step 5: Fill in the boxes with your name, phone number, email address and any additional instructions for us. You will receive a confirmation email that your reservation went through.


If you choose the Boardroom, you will then be redirected to another form asking for further information like how you would like the room arranged, if you need technology like the computer or projector, if you are calling an inmate using our teleconferencing system and so on. That information will be forwarded to us so that we can be sure your room is set up exactly how you need it the day of you event.

Watch this quick tutorial for further information. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!