New printers at the Law Library are sleeker, easier to use

The Law Library is the proud home of two shiny new scan/print/fax machines! Among the new features is a one-pass top-loading tray that can scan both sides of a document simultaneously for faster scanning and fewer mis-feeds. It also has the ability to omit blank pages from scans, scan directly to a USB drive, and auto-convert sizes from legal to letter and back again.

Most of the functionality has remained the same as the old machines, with a sleek new touch screen and simplified icons for easier use. Prints still come in black and white or color, chosen in the settings of the computer before the job is sent. Scanning and faxing are still free and the cost for copies and prints has remained the same. Users can print directly from a USB device and copying and scanning have many new options and settings.

While the new machine may look intimidating, it is really very simple to use. To print, simply send the print job, touch the “print” icon, choose your computer and hit “start”. Copies can be fed face-up from the top or placed on the glass. If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask a staff member.