New enhanced searching available for Ohio court opinions

The Supreme Court of Ohio has significantly enhanced the search functions on their website, allowing users to seek out court opinions and announcements in a much more targeted way. The site has always been a high-quality, free resource to access Ohio court opinions, and has now added functionality to search by case number, county, author, and topics/issues to make searching more user-friendly. The site also now offers a citation search for Ohio Supreme Court opinions that permits users to search by print citation numbers for those cases. The website had previously only contained a cite search field for the WebCite citation, which did not search for the print citations that are often more widely known for a particular case. According to the website, this citation search feature is only available for the Ohio Supreme Court opinions, but the other new search options apply to both SCO and Ohio appellate court decisions.

The updated search page is available here. For more information about this, see this article from Court News Ohio.