New Digital Display at the Library!

Visitors to the Law Library may have noticed a new addition to the entrance by elevator on the 6th floor. Thanks to a grant from the Statewide Consortium of Ohio County Law Libraries, the library purchased and installed a new high resolution digital sign for the foyer just outside of the library's door.

The main purpose of the display is to communicate information about library services, hours, upcoming events, or unexpected closings or delays. But at the request of one of our attorneys, we've also decided to add in a few slides to give you a little break from your day. They might be a beautiful picture, a piece of interesting information, a joke or just a reminder to take a moment for yourself.

Mental health is physical health. This past year and a half has been hard on everyone and it looks like we may have a tough winter ahead of us. Taking care of our mental health is one of the most important things we can do to further our overall mental and physical wellbeing.

So the next time you're in the Courthouse stop by and take look. Enjoy the pictures, take a deep breath and remember, you've got this.