Need Legislative History Research Help? Check Out Our Resources.

Legislative history is one area of legal research that can be really frustrating. We have many resources here that can help.

In print, we have the Ohio Session Laws from 1803-2006. (1997-2014 can be found here.) We also have the Ohio House and Senate Journals from the 1840s-1959. We have some post-1959 coverage, but it's spotty. Journals from 2003 on can be found at the Ohio General Assembly website.  If you are looking for an older version of a particular Ohio Revised Code section, we have print archives dating back to the 1800s.  The Law Library also has staff access to Hannah Capitol Connection. Hannah provides access to Ohio legislation, bill histories, fiscal notes and analysis dating back to the early 1990s.

Law Library subscribers also have remote access* to Hein Online. Hein has Ohio Session Laws dating back to 1803, as well as session laws and historical statutes for other states. Hein also has a variety of Federal legislative history resources, including historical Statutes at Large as well already compiled legislative histories for various key legislation.

If you have any question about accessing these,resources contact our reference staff.

*Remote access to Hein is restricted to subscribers who are solo attorneys or firm attorneys at firms with fewer than 50 attorneys.