Law Library and Public Library have teamed up to create superheroes

Not long ago, an article came out about how children’s books in law libraries increase access to justice. I would strongly recommend reading the article to understand the full benefits of having children’s books available in the law library, but it can be summed up in two points. On the one hand, it provides a much-needed break for parents who need to do legal research and might struggle with access to childcare. On the other, well, the article says it best…

As Books Between Kids, a local non-profit organization that collects books to distribute to marginalized children throughout Houston, points out, books are often scarce and considered “luxury” items in modest-means households, which can hinder a child’s ability to participate in and complete basic education. The Legal Services Corporation Justice Gap Report indicates strong correlations between limited education, poverty, and a need for access to justice services. By providing access to age-appropriate reading material for free… we can give kids access to learning opportunities they might not otherwise experience. In the aggregate, that transforms thousands of visits to the courthouse and law library into opportunities to promote education, which has the potential to help thousands of kids in modest-means households avoid falling through justice gaps later in life.

We’ve said it over and over. Knowledge is power. The ability to gain knowledge through reading makes you all powerful, a superhero, if you will. With that in mind, we have partnered with the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County to offer a collection of books – from picture books all the way up to adult books – accessible to anyone who might need a little break themselves or a distraction for their research helpers while visiting the Courthouse. These books will be available to read while visiting the Law Library but can also be returned to any branch of the Public Library if you find you just can’t put it down. The collection will change each month, so rest assured that there will always be something for learners of all ages and interests.

Together we will empower the next generation of learners so that if they encounter the justice system again, on either side of the bench, they’ll have their superpowers at the ready.