Kentucky bill setting minimum life without parole penalty in officer murder this morning carries a story about Kentucky Rep. David Floyd’s announcing at a news release that he has filed a bill that would set the minimum penalty of life without parole in cases involving the intentional murder of a local or state police officer, sheriff or deputy sheriff who was on duty at the time of death.

The bill, entitled The Officer Jason Ellis Memorial Act (HB 368), honors the Bardstown, Ky. police officer shot to death last May after getting out of his cruiser to pick up tree limbs on a highway ramp while on his way home. relates no arrests have been made in Ellis’ death. An article in the Courier Journal Monday added Kentucky investigators were working with Pennsylvania authorities to determine whether a highway slaying there was related to the Ellis shooting, and that with money offered by the Bardstown Police Department, private donations, and the FBI’s adding of $50,000,  the reward for Ellis’ killer topped $200,000  within a month or two.