Justice Paul Pfeifer offers weekly legal analysis

The Clermont Sun publishes a weekly post in their opinion section by Ohio Supreme Court Justice Paul E. Pfeifer discussing decisions made by the Ohio Supreme Court and giving readers an additional glimpse into Court's reasoning and decision-making process.  His most recent piece was on the Ohio Landlord-Tenant Act and a decision the Court reached in February of last year. In the post, Justice Pfeifer breaks down the Court's ruling and explains the Court's reasoning for agreeing to hear the case, which involved a tenant's guest who was injured in a common area of an apartment building that was not well-lit.

The case involved a split among district courts - where some of the lower courts had found that landlords do not owe a duty to a tenant's guest in common areas and others found that they did. Justice Pfeifer explains the ruling of the Court, which reaffirmed a 1994 decision that landlords owe the same duty to guests as tenants, and clarified that this includes situations where they are present in common areas.

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