Judge Alphonso Taft and his Whiskey Case

"On or around May 2, 2022 I received a request from a reference librarian from the Ohio Supreme Court. Their inquiry was prompted by a request from a chemical engineering professor from UC Davis. This request was in reference to an alleged case that occurred in 1869 that was ruled on by Judge Alphonso Taft in our now defunct “Superior Court of Cincinnati.” The importance of this case as it was conveyed to us was that allegedly, this case that Judge Alphonso Taft presided over and ruled on while on the Superior Court of Cincinnati bench was thought to be the world’s first case on whiskey standards which resulted in a ruling for the plaintiff finding that the whiskey in this case was not “pure whiskey.”"

The story continues and it gets wild. Read the Internal Memorandum of the 1869 Taft Whiskey Case HERE.