Internet Postings of Ohio Public Records

Ohio House Representatives Mike Duffey and Christina Hagan, last week introduced a set of bills professing “the general assembly recognizes that public-use data from government agencies offers an avenue toward open and transparent government, stimulates business innovation, and can help government agencies become more effective; and declaring it to be a public purpose and function of the state to facilitate the ability of the public easily to find, download, and use data sets generated and held by the state government and other public offices, herein creates the DataOhioboard to:

• Recommend categories of public records that state agencies and local governments should make available to the public online in an open format;
• Recommend technology standards for open data use in the state that reflect the most current standards nationally and within other states;
• Recommend accounting standards for financial data in the state to facilitate comparison across governmental units and services;
• Recommend metadata definitional standards for nonfinancial data in the state to facilitate comparison and use of this data across governmental units; and
• Consider creation by the state of, an online catalog of data sets made available by state agencies and local governments, as well as collaboration with efforts underway at the federal and state levels.

Secondarily, having “the director of administrative services establish, administer and operate a web site to function as a portal and catalog where public records and data sets of public records, created by state government and other public offices, can be located and accessed by the public online.

"The web site shall be registered at, and the state shall consider participation and affiliation of with, the official online data catalog of the United States government.”

Texts of Proposed HB 321 and HB 323