How do I…?

Working in the library means you answer a lot of procedural and directional questions. “Where do I file this?” “Who do I talk to about that?” “How do I do this?” And while these are some of our favorite questions because we can answer them quickly and with authority (and they don’t take us 3 ½ hours like some of the more complicated reference questions we get), we recognize that we’re not always reachable. For those eventualities, we’ve compiled a list of our most common questions with their answers below. Enjoy!

Question: Where do I go to get a transcript of my case?
Answer: The Court Reporters office on the 5th floor in room 555. Transcript Request Form
Phone: 946-5400

Question: Where do I file a small claims complaint?
Answer: The Clerk of Courts on the 1st floor, room 115.
Phone: 946-5666
Handy-dandy guide

Question: Which room is judge so and so in?
Answer: Common Please Judges
Municipal Court Judges

Another good page
Still can’t find it? 513-946-5800 (Common Pleas)
513-946-5200 (Municipal)

Question: Where do I go to change my name?
Answer: The Probate Court, 230 E. 9th Street, 10th floor. This website has all of the information you need.
Phone 513-946-3600

Question: Is there a notary in the Courthouse?
Answer: Yes. The Hamilton County Law Library has several Notaries on staff. We notarize most documents and the charge is $1.00 per signature.
Phone: 513-946-5300

Question: Is there an ATM in the courthouse?
Answer: Yes. There’s an ATM located on the first floor of the Courthouse in the Deli (turn right when you come into the building and go down that hallway)

Question: Where to go to get a marriage license in Hamilton County?
Answer: Probate Court, 230 E. 9th Street, 10th floor.
Helpful website
Phone: 513-964-3600

Question: How do I find out about an inmate or see if someone is in jail?
Answer: This helpful website covers most of what you will need to know.
Otherwise, call the intake phone number: 946-6100

Question: What do I do to file an appeal?
Answer: The Court of Appeals has an amazing website with all of the forms and information you will need. The Frequently Asked Questions should point you in the best direction.
Also check out our guide on the topic