Hidden Treasure: HeinOnline

HeinOnline is one of those resources that just keeps on giving. Along with the usual collection of searchable cases, statutes, regulations and academic law reviews that we have come to expect from legal databases, HeinOnline goes even further to offer an extensive collection of materials that cannot be found in any other single online resource. Included in the database are historical, governmental and political documents, treatises, legislative and executive branch reports, international constitutions, complete, full-text versions of all reported cases from the U.S. Supreme Court and, perhaps most significantly, searchable copies of virtually all known historical legal periodicals in the English language. That in and of itself is an impressive array of resources, but Hein goes even further to include all congressional debates going back to 1789 and annual reports from several non-legal organizations like nineteenth century antislavery societies, religious organizations, and medical societies.

Beyond their database, Hein as an organization is dedicated to education and information sharing. They have a newly launched Youtube channel with dozens of training and informational videos to ensure users get the most out of the experience. The HeinOnline blog is absolutely top-notch, with timely, accurate information not just about their services, but also about the world in which they work and live. Guides to help the public arm themselves against fake news, articles delving into the history of race relations in the United States and legislative biographies of famous historical figures are all covered with equal veracity and equity.

Members of the public can access HeinOnline for free at the Hamilton County Law Library while Solo Attorneys and members of 100% subscribing firms can access Hein remotely. Call or stop by the library for more information.