Friday Bill Roundup: Searches, Trails, Taxes and More

Criminal/Search and Seizure

SB 138-Cavity Searches

Senate Bill 138 would enable a corrections officer to cause a body cavity search to be conducted,  establish separate rules and restrictions for conducting strip searches, and limit the right of any person to commence a civil action for a violation of the law governing body cavity searches and strip searches to violations related to body cavity searches.


HB 187-Job Applicant Information 

This bill would regulate the collection, use, and retention of information obtained from an applicant during the employee selection process. The main change is this would prohibit employers from requesting applicants' social security numbers, birth dates and drivers' licenses until the offer stage, when a background check is needed.

Legal Information 

SB 139-Uniform Legal Materials Act 

Senate Bill 139 would adopt the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act (UELMA.) UELMA aims to make authenticated legal material publicly available online. You can read more about it on the Uniform Laws Commission Website and on the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) website.


HB 190-Railroad Crossing Requirement

This bill would require vehicle operators to watch, listen, and stop for on-track equipment that may be approaching a railroad crossing


HB 186-College Tax Deduction 

House Bill 186 would allow an individual obtaining a postsecondary degree or credential from an eligible educational institution to claim an income tax deduction for qualified higher education expenses.


HR 105-Year of the Trail

House Resolution 105 would designate 2017 as the Year of the Trail in Ohio. Happy Hiking!