Friday Bill Roundup: Rivers, Religion and More

Each Friday, we highlight some of the bills and resolutions introduced in the Ohio Legislature in the past week. For question about these bills, or to see the full list, contact Laura Dixon-Caldwell.

HR 308-2018 Year of the Scenic River 

This resolution would designate 2018 as the "Year of the Scenic River" in Ohio. It would help commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Ohio Scenic River Act and National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

HB 427-Substance Abuse Response Programs 

HB 427 would require the Department of Health to publish monthly drug overdose death information for each county, create grant programs to support faith-based substance abuse services, authorize an income tax deduction for physicians providing such services for free, and allocate funds and make an appropriation for the grant programs.

HB 428-Student Religious Liberties Act 

This bill aims to protect religious expression in public schools and allow religious clubs under the same guidelines as secular student groups.

SB 235-Sex Offender Registry Modification 

SB 235 would create a procedure for certain tier II sex offenders convicted of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor to petition a court for reclassification or removal from the sex offender registry and permit record sealing in those cases.

SB 236-Affected Mine Commission Creation

This bill would  create the Affected Mine Commission, require the Affected Mine Commission to hear appeals related to oil and gas operations and affected coal mines in lieu of the Reclamation Commission, and define "affected mine" for purposes of the law.