Friday Bill Roundup: Beekeepers, Eviction and More

Each Friday, we highlight some of the bills and resolutions introduced in the Ohio Legislature in the past week. For question about these bills, or to see the full list, contact Laura Dixon-Caldwell.


HB 392-Bee Keeper Immunity

House bill 392 would  grant specified apiary owners immunity in personal injury or property damage cases.

Consumer Law 

HB 386-Credit Freeze Fees

This bill would modify the fees that a credit reporting agency can charge in relation to a credit report freeze.


HB 396-STEM Loans 

House bill 396 would create the STEM Degree Loan Repayment Program. This program would be run by the chancellor of higher education and eligible graduates working in a STEM field in the state could be awarded up to $8000 depending on what type of degree they have.

Real Property

HB 390-Eviction Time

This bill would clarify exactly how to compute the ten and three day notice periods, including weekend days and legal holidays.


SB 223-Used Tires 

Senate bill 223 would provide specific guidelines on the condition of used tires allowed to be installed in Ohio.